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Top UX Design Portfolios and What You Can Learn From Them


Elizé uses her portfolio not just to showcase her work, but as an all-encompassing marketing tool. It conveys her personal brand and reflects who she is—and the value she brings to the design industry. As you’ll see from Jeff’s portfolio, virtually anything can be redesigned—from websites and apps to processes and services.

ui ux designer portfolio

As always, frame the problem, document your process, and tell a good story—and don’t forget to include a disclaimer. Most UX designers take on other roles such as product designer or web designer, which still requires them to work with UX. Every designer has a unique way of telling their project story (a.k.a. the case study). This is why I have gathered some of the most impressive portfolios from famous UX designers that will inspire you to improve the way you tell your project story. Bay Area product designer Megan Kard uses her website as an online CV, listing a selection of recent projects and detailing her role in each one. Key takeaway
Give hiring managers the user experience they expect; stick with the tried-and-trusted UX portfolio structure.

What is a UX portfolio?

There’s lots to love about Stephanie’s UX portfolio, starting with those delightful cartoonesque animations and the clean overall aesthetic. Navigate to any one of Pendar’s UX case studies and you’ll find not just a clearly explained process, but a captivating, fully immersive narration of his UX work. She goes above and beyond to include data, photos, quotes, and interactive prototypes. The best UX case studies are enriched with supporting materials beyond just the finished product.

ui ux designer portfolio

It’s entirely possibly to build a strong portfolio, break into the industry, and succeed without previous UX design experience. One great place to start is by taking a free UX design short course to make sure you’re cut out for this area of the design field. Although just starting in his career, Nguyen Duc Thang knows how to put together a really strong portfolio. Romania-based Cristina Gafitescu is a junior UX designer with a playful approach to visual design. We’ve talked a lot about the importance of showcasing your UX design process.

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He is fascinated by the social product space and is currently researching the intersection between technology and mental illness. For example, creating a more pleasant app experience for the user should help to boost customer retention. Lola Jiang is a California-based UX designer currently working at Google.

The way she presents them, by raising questions such as “how do I manage my events onsite? She asks a question, referring to a common problem, and offers a solution in her case study. In this case, she presents Ticket Manager, an app developed to manage event ticket sales. It’s where you showcase your best work and let your skills, as well as your personality, shine through.

Should UX researchers also create a portfolio?

Users can meet other talented designers, share their work, and spark up conversations easily within the platform. If you’re in need of a healthy dose of inspo, you could easily spend hours browsing through the platform’s expansive archive of work from talented designers. To get an idea of what your Carbonmade portfolio https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/ui-ux-designer-web-designer-saas/ could look like, check out this portfolio from UX designer Johannes. For more UI design portfolio inspiration, this blog post gathers the best UI portfolios from around the web. The go-to choice for designers of all disciplines, Behance is arguably the most popular free online portfolio website in the game.

ui ux designer portfolio

Explore these examples of unique, standout UX/UI design portfolios from UX Academy graduates. Mobile app design is an incredible project to add to your UI/UX design portfolio. Think of the problems that you encounter in your everyday life and what you can do to solve them. Creating a landing page for a website is a great project to include in your portfolio.

E-commerce website design

Tania showcases just three core projects she’s worked on recently to give visitors a focused overview of her work. Using a friendly written tone and emojis throughout, Tania seems approachable, encouraging visitors to reach out for more details. Starting with a striking hero image, Zebi’s UX portfolio takes visitors through a seamless journey to discover the designer’s work, experience and processes. Overall, Zebi’s site supports important written information with visual details, like color, animation and imagery. This UX portfolio example perfectly reflects Gautham Mukesh’s sleek and modern design style.

  • Scrolling down, there’s a lengthy section on the projects she has worked on.
  • When you put your own portfolio together, make your personality and expertise clear.
  • During an interview with the e-commerce platform Wish, Tammy Taabassum completed a four-day design challenge where she was asked to improve the app in some way.
  • New kid on the block UXfol.io enables UX and UI designers to create a meaningful portfolio with ease.
  • These simple building blocks can lead the user’s eye as they navigate your work.
  • By integrating his unique personality and UX/UI expertise, he creates a genuinely individualized portfolio that demonstrates his design acumen and personal ethos.

Further down, there’s a section on skills that – on top of proficiency in UX design tools – include HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Another aspect that shines through Stokes’ portfolio is his ability to present himself. His About page is full of imagery and references to his favorite things – video games and cartoons.

With a bit of iteration and polish after the fact, you can transform these challenges (especially the take-home ones) into fresh material for your portfolio. After the event, Yang even added an illustration showing how the app would bridge the gap between user experience and business value based on feedback from hackathon judges. Jeremy also highlights his visual design strengths with a full brand guide that highlights the meaning behind his design choices. Phyllis Liu, a Seattle-based UX designer who has worked for Facebook and Shopify, designed an autonomous car ridesharing experience as part of a project for a course at the University of Washington.

ui ux designer portfolio

Right under the fold, he mentions his extensive UX leadership and design experience to legitimize himself in front of potential clients. He underlines that he’s as focused on design deliverables as he is on helping businesses reach their business goals. Whether you’re a freelance UX designer like Henry or looking to find full-time work, this website portfolio is a perfect source of inspiration. The website features an ‘About Me’ section where Jared talks about his hard skills and his approach to design. It also has a downloadable CV for those who prefer a formal, traditional work experience overview.


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