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Hubdoc Reviews & Ratings 2023


hubdoc reviews

Ease of sending invoices / receipts via multiple options. Fetches bank statements in .csv which is great for manual importing into Xero Ledger. HOWEVER, our Hubdoc, even though we turned off Autosync (after it auto-posted 50 invoices as credit notes), auto-publishes when I’m at home asleep. Honestly, it posted a DD advice as an invoice at 4am this morning, today.

To ensure smooth usage, training is offered in the form of tutorials and video instructions. In terms of security, HubDoc follows a stringent protocol with certifications, access control, comprehensive data policy, and encryption. We use Hubdoc to manage and share bookkeeping information with our accountant. It’s easy to manage our accounts with this system and pull up any information when needed.

Hubdoc Technical Details

If you have bad phone signal it just doesn’t work. Iv been using it for 14 months now and really ready to move to FreeAgent or something else. I really like how the setup is easy and the integration with QuickBooks Online is smooth. I really like the mobile app and that you The Founders Guide to Startup Accounting can upload receipts on the fly. This is a great product that I recommend to accountants and bookkeepers. This has provided me with a nice platform where i can set up all my clients and easily pull their statements and documents at my convenience whenever need arises.

hubdoc reviews

A worthy contender in the DMS market space, HubDoc can empower your business operations, provided it resonates with your unique demands and preferences. HubDoc scores high on ease of use and customer service, with numerous users recommending the software to peers. As per statistics online, positive reviews comfortably outnumber negative ones, making HubDoc a much-favored DMS solution.

Great for fetching documents

Moving on to device compatibility, HubDoc shines with its flexibility. You can access the software on your desktop, laptop, and portable devices including both Android and iOS. HubDoc provides multiple layers with online support, phone support, and a dedicated 24/7 representative.

  • Great tool– from what I know, this is the only provider that does what Hubdoc does.
  • Two great features for the accountant or bookkeeper.
  • I hope everyone out there has a better experience than ours.
  • Automatic storage of documents by name of suppliers.
  • Capterra is free for users because vendors pay us when they receive web traffic and sales opportunities.

Its time-saving and error-reducing features make it a valuable asset to any finance team. However, it is important to keep in mind the limited storage capacity and customization options when considering this software. With copies placed in fully customizable folder structures, documents can then be archived and viewed anywhere and across multiple devices via app or browser. Cloud-based storage features bank-level protection boasting industry-standard levels of encryption and verification technology.

Dropbox Business

I am truly being overly generous with this 2 star review when in truth it more like ZERO stars. It is unremarkable and not good enough to distinguish it from other vendors in my tech stack, so I am disinclined to use it in lieu of my existing document management and bank fetch solutions. https://accounting-services.net/what-accounting-software-do-startups-use/ I love that you can scan or take a picture of a receipt and it will sync with accounting software to create a transaction with the backup attached. I love being to send receipts to Quickbooks and having the expense already recorded there by the time I work through the bank feed.

hubdoc reviews


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